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VennQuelle revolutionizes the way companies like yours successfully complete marketing and creative projects. We’re obsessively compulsive about curating precision teams that understand your specific needs. We deploy machine learning, intelligent systems and hand-curation to organize on-demand teams that drive success and performance. It’s like having an in-house team without the overhead. With VennQuelle you get function-specific experts tailored to your exact needs.

How it Works

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Together, we determine what you need.

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We obsessively curate the perfect team.

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You're the project manager: The team collaborates with you.

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Work gets completed on time and on budget.

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Performance and success follow.

Our Curation Process

VennQuelle has one of the largest mid-to-senior level marketing and creative talent clouds in the United States. Every professional is qualified, pre-screened and personally vetted prior to acceptance as a VennQuelle associate.

  • We are an “invite only” network.
  • Only seasoned mid-to-senior level professionals are accepted.
  • We use machine-based learning and proprietary algorithms to quickly and efficiently assemble potential teams.
  • Our veteran consultants then hand pick individual team members.

Our obsessive curation drives performance and improves output.

Our Curation Process

Our Background + Leadership

In the very near future, talent clouds and a freelance-based workforce will consume the market. Automation, freedom, flexibility and money drive the gig economy. This market reality benefits corporations: Time, cost and scale efficiencies translate into bottom line profits for companies of all sizes.

“Hiring hand-curated teams of experts for specific projects cuts overhead, ramp-up time and hours spent interviewing and onboarding agencies or independents.”

April Koenig, CEO VennQuelle

April Koenig, CEO

VennQuelle taps into more than 20 years of marketing and creative expertise from our sister company, Creatives On Call, and shares it with our clients for maximum advantage.

Our founder and CEO, April Koenig, is a fierce entrepreneurial leader and recognized luminary on the gig economy and the power of private talent clouds. In addition to providing leadership to companies and corporations, she retains her passion and commitment to creatives and their craft. VennQuelle is a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Creatives On Call. Both companies are certified woman-owned and operated organizations.

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